"Charlene Miller and Global Directors is one of the absolute best executive search firms I have worked with over the years.  I first met Charlene when she recruited me onto my first public Board over twelve years ago.  She takes a personal interest in her clients, is very well-connected in the industry, and deeply cares about placing the right people in the right positions.  I recommend her without reservation." - Dr. Rick LeFaivre, Sun Valley Brand of Angels and Mentors, Experienced R&D Executive, Venture Capitalist and Board Member


"Charlene Miller brings a unique combination of talents to every search. She has the contacts to make the best connections in both nano and bio-technology fields. She also grasps what you need in a candidate, whether it is a board member representing a particular constituency or a C level executive."

Lewis Gruber, CEO of SIWA Regenerative Medicine Corporation  and patent attorney


"I have known Charlene over 18 years and first met her in Central Europe where she was putting her unique entrepreneurial and people skills to great use in the complex arena of emerging markets. Her analytical abilities coupled with her quick intellect make her a formidable adversary in getting business deals closed. She brings to the table a vast global contact list gained from years in the international business world along with being a founder member of the C200 group. Charlene takes the time and effort to understand the individual and the business environment, once this is gained she moves with the speed of light to conclusion."

Bruce Marshall, Senior VP Managing Director, Express


"Charlene was able to place 4 directors on my board and the first one being Greg Stanger, former CFO of Expedia Mike Hallman former President of Microsoft, Michael R. Splinter Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Applied Materials, John Dorman former CEO of Digital Insight and Betsy Atkins CEO of Darden. Together they raised over $8M during the period that Charlene worked with Deep Dyve."- John Dorman, Co-Lead Angel and Chairman of the Board of Directors– Deep Dyve, currently member of the Board of Directors at CoreLogic



"Hire Charlene. She will find and land the kind of talent your company needs to be successful.  Her network is unparalleled - if she doesn't know someone directly, she knows someone who does. She's fast and relentless when building boards and senior leadership teams. Her extensive operating experience informs her conversations with candidates, leading to better matches.  If you want to build an unbeatable team, I recommend her without reservation." -Cassandra Marrone, Senior Director, People at LOYAL3


“Global Directors placed Mathias Entenmann (former VP International at PayPal) with Betfair in London. Charlene was an excellent search firm to work with and was able to find us an ideal candidate, help move Mathias'

family to London and provide an outstanding compensation package. In addition to placing Mathias Global Directors helped place three additional C-level executives.” -Stephen Hill, former CEO of Betfair and also the Financial Times


"I have had very good experiences and results from Charlene. Truly one of the best minds in the industry." - Jim Rogers, Jr. , Author and famed American investor


"Charlene placed me on the Board of Advisors of Deep Dyve. Her global contacts are well known and I look forward to working with her again in the future." Steve Wozniak, Founder of Apple


"30 days from retainer to hire. Nice job on finding a great new CEO for MamaBear. Thanks Charlene!" Tom Cardy, Co-founder and Director of GeoWaggle LLC dba MamaBearApp