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New York, NY – Global Directors LLC is an executive search firm offering full support for talented Executives, Board of Directors and Advisory Boards. Global Directors offers over 50 years of experience with highly trained professionals in various areas of specialty industries including health care, finance and technology. Global Directors understands that leadership requirements today continue to evolve yet, the need for finding high-performing C-level talent has never been so important.

Finding the right leader for your business and attracting high ranking executives in this global marketplace is critical. Our team offers unrivaled access to senior executives with impeccable judgment and placement support. We can match your strategic requirements with our proven recruitment assessment tools to locate the ideal skill set necessary to advance your company’s strategies.

Global Directors will collaborate with you and your colleagues from around the world to provide the right specialist with industry knowledge and overall expertise with each assignment.

We offer not only C-level placement but also candidates for world class boards. We offer leadership advisory support, board services, executive assessment as well as CEO succession planning.

Global Directors today provides the leadership of tomorrow. We exemplify a trusted name for both data and tactics for our clients, while maintaining confidentiality. Our goal is to provide top talent to the world with only the finest executive recruitment capabilities and in return long-standing relationships.

Together we will enable your firm to make thoughtful informed decisions for both immediate and long-term growth. Contact us 650-305-9543 for more information or visit our website at

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